Booking is an internet system for reservations of rooms or whole apartments in hotels, resorts or private houses. Tourists can reserve a place for their holidays already at their home a few days, weeks, or months in advance.

The most popular and the best booking sites are and charge 17,5% of the price of a room for their system of reservations. Example: if a price for a room is 1.000php, booking companies take 175p, and the owner of the resort gets 825php. charge 17%.


At Inmar International we do not advertise our business and do not wait for anyone to call us, but look on the island for a nice resort, a private house to rent or a hotel, but at the same time it does not have its offer on the Internet. We offer owners a comprehensive organization and execution of advertising and coordination of reservations.

Our offer is simple: we take pictures free of charge from the air, hotel, resort, house or bungalows from outside and inside, prepare the presentation and offer, open the tourist facility with a full presentation on, and In addition, we take care of the guests’ arrival and satisfaction and help them make their holidays enjoyable and as active as possible.

But what do we make of it if we do it for free? 10% commission from guests who check in via us.


Last year in January, I was talking with owners of a small resort on our island. I ask them, why is their resort almost always empty? They said because tourists don’t know for us. And I ask: Don’t you have your resort on the internet? They said: No, we don’t know how to use a computer.

To make a long story short: We made them professional pictures of their resort from outside, inside, and from the air with a drone. We open them booking on,, and Airbnb in February last year, and in 12 months, they earn 60.000 pesos with walk-in guests like before and 308.000 pesos from booking guests. This 308.000 peso means net profit, where we have already deducted the booking fee and our earnings for putting them online.